Amusement Parks

A holiday in the Valle d’Aosta with the whole family is an opportunity to visit some theme parks in the area. The Norden Palace recommends you a day to Pila Adventure Park, to experience the excitement of a real tree climbing. The adventure park offers trails suitable for adults and children with Tibetan bridges, walkways on the trunks, cable cars, and slides between the trees. Close to Aosta hotels there is also the Mont Blanc Park, another sport and ludic course in a beautiful pine forest with trees taller than 20 meters with ropes, floating stairs, lianas, networks and platforms connected by Nepalese bridges.

Finally, the Park Villeneuve, active since 2002, offers five courses within a forest for a total of 60 stations and routes with different levels of difficulty. The park is located in Chavonne in the municipality of Villeneuve in Aosta.